[TOP 12 DIFFERENT TYPES OF YOGA] – Which is Best For You? A Beginner’s Guide to 12 Styles Of Yoga

With the many types of yoga, you probably are in a dilemma, choosing the best for you and your family as well. All kinds are good, more so because they focus on the different asana. Many times the asana is incorporable in all types, but the flow is different, and the surrounding environment might differ as well. It’s important to know the kind of yoga you would love to engage in, based on your motive, before enrolling in a yoga class or practicing them at home through the yoga videos.




Ashtanga yoga

young yoga female doing yogatic exericise

Ashtanga entails, synchronizing one’s breathing to the continuous postures. One is led non-stop through the six series, each becoming difficult as you move from one to another. The yoga facilitates generation of too much internal heat; hence, you produce, a lot of purifying sweat that detoxifies the muscles and organs. It also improves flexibility, vigorous and light body and a calm mind results as well. It is appropriate for athletes and not suitable for beginners.


Bikram yoga

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This type of yoga is consistent everywhere you go, with only a change of the instructor. Founded by Bikram Choudhury. It has 26 copyrighted asanas inclusive of 2 breathing techniques. Conducted in a hot environment of 40°C and a humidity of 40%. The hot conditions facilitate sweating as one goes about the poses hence getting rid of impurities and toxins in the muscles and preventing injuries. Could be a go to, when you need to relax in the cold seasons.


Hatha yoga

Woman doing Hatha yoga asana Purvottanasana plank pose outdoors in mountains

It entails a general category of yoga styles. Easy to learn hence suitable for beginners. It incorporates, asanas, pranayama, and dhyana in the complete set of yoga poses. The exercise is a way promote peace of mind and body. Hence, the need of the yogi to approach the session with a calm and meditative mood to ensure fulfillment. The procedure is usually slow, with grace and calmness and you need not compete or go faster, the slowness is quite graceful. It’s an appropriate type for everyone in the family.


Anusara yoga


It’s a new style in the yoga platform. Incorporates poses and yoga positions that promote alignment with the spirit. The poses, aim at opening your heart to ensure the flow of grace and divinity in you and others. The yoga relies on the principle of alignment, attitude, and action.


Hot yoga


This type of yoga aims at performing yoga exercises in a hot and humid environment. In cold weather and cold climates, it seeks to replicate the warm climate of India where yoga originated. The yoga poses, performed in this conditions, strive to enhance the flexibility of individuals. Different types of hot yoga include Bikram yoga, power yoga, Forrest yoga and Tribalance yoga.


Iyengar yoga


It’s a much-revolutionized form of yoga. Promoting flexibility, strength, endurance and balance, through the coordinated breathing as one undertakes the poses that require a particular body alignment. One holds to the poses longer than other yoga exercises and slowly moves from one yoga position to another. It incorporates the use of cautions, blankets, blocks, and straps. This environment makes it easy to integrate everyone, including the sick, the elderly and the physically challenged as well.


Kundalini yoga


It involves repeated movements and breathing exercises, each exercise, being referred as kriya aimed at awakening the energy at the base of the spine, then drawing it upwards. The activities go along with meditations, chanting, and mantras. It enhances breathing and flow of energy through the body, and you learn the art of control.


Jivamukti Yoga


This type of yoga encompasses the spiritual aspect of yoga, more particularly based on the religious study, meditation and devotion to God, Sanskrit chanting and incorporating the role of music in the practice of yoga. The classes resemble the Ashtanga yoga with the flow of asanas, and weekly themes may be organized to accompany the yoga exercises. It’s a good base to enhance spirituality, compared to other avenues as you relax also.


Vinyasa yoga


It is a vigorous type of yoga that incorporates different yoga styles. It flows from one yoga pose to another. It’s aimed at improving breathing as one synchronizes their breathing to the various postures. It’s also known as flow yoga. It’s good for the young and energetic.


Yin yoga


It is a slow-paced yoga style. Entails holding the poses for long say 5 minutes to 20 minutes. Could be quite challenging to those not used to it yet. It ensures maximum stress is applied to the muscles connecting tissues and ligaments and aimed at increasing circulation in the joints and improved flexibility. Its origin is the martial arts but it’s now widely taught all over. It’s favorable to the young and energetic youth.


Restorative yoga

Serene lady relaxing and meditating on a yoga mat in a cosy house

The type of yoga enables the muscles to relax, by allowing one completely relax and let go. Hence fleeing one from all stress and tension, to facilitate proper muscle functioning at the end of the session. The gentle and relaxing environment and the long poses, accompanied by the props used. Enable you to acquire maximum restoration.


Prenatal yoga

Pregnancy Yoga and Fitness concept. Portrait of young pregnant yoga model working out indoors. Pregnant smiling fitness person practicing yoga at home. Prenatal Upavishtha Konasana Pose

Prenatal yoga serves as a form of exercise to many pregnant women, encouraging stretching, focused breathing and mental centering. It has been seen to reduce anxiety and stress, increase strength, improved sleep and decreased lower back pain. Not to mention creating a bond and hence adequate preparation for new parents. Postures vary and are doable while standing, sitting or lying on your yoga mat.


Benefits of yoga

Yoga, both as an exercise and as a form of meditation and worship has its benefits, and it’s also used to enhance concentration and make all the activities one undertakes even fun. Therefore, you always have a reason to repeat them again and again.

From the yoga stretches done, you acquire a flexible body, increase blood circulation and gain muscle strength. One also gains a right and relaxed brain free from stress through the meditation and mantras.


Start today!

Attending yoga classes with friends make it even fun and enjoyable, as the acquaintance makes it easy to perform the yoga poses. You ought not to attend, a yoga class to learn yoga, though; purchase a yoga video, yoga clothes, and yoga mat and get performing yoga at your home at your own free time. Yoga could help you lose weight and have the weight of your choice, while still improving other body and mental functions as well.

You could teach your kids, as well. There is a variety of yoga for kids’ poses that they can take part in, more so during the yoga retreats, yoga gets fun doing it as a family.



Yoga Styles

Prenatal yoga: What you need to know

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