Is It Safe To Do Yoga During Pregnancy? [PREGNANCY YOGA] – What You Need To Know And What To Avoid

Yoga during pregnancy can help you since it is generally a practise to keep you healthy and fit. In addition, it is not a strenuous exercise and does yield tangible results. It makes the pregnancy smooth and helps during labour.

It is also a useful solution with the aching body areas. You will find a number of yoga postures that you can employ during the pregnancy. Some of the postures are easy and can be quickly accomplished when you set aside time.




When Should You Start Doing Yoga for Pregnancy?


It is recommended to begin yoga for pregnancy during the second trimester and especially if you are not used to the routines. This is after around 14 weeks, and this is considered a safe time due to the risk of miscarriage.

Although there is no proven relation between yoga, exercises and miscarriage, it is best to stay safe. There are also instructors who recommend yoga after three months of pregnancy, which coincides with the second trimester. The second trimester is further likely to feel less uncomfortable.

Still, for those who have gone through in-vitro-fertilisation, it is advisable to sit the yoga classes out until 20 weeks. Likewise, IVF is likely to result in more than one child and is therefore a bit sensitive especially when it comes to miscarriage.

This does not mean that yoga is completely prohibited during the first trimester. If you do decide to start at this stage, you will have to stick to breathing and relaxation routines. Standing yoga can do for the first trimester to help with blood circulation, strengthening the legs, lessening leg cramps and energising the body.

Breathing and meditation will also help you during the second and third trimester. Largely, you should avoid overworking and exercises that deplete your energy.


You can try some of the following yoga moves during pregnancy:


Side-Angle Postures

This posture helps you tap into your energy store and helps you become more active. This move opens the hips area and normally requires support from the legs. It is a crucial workout especially after sitting the whole day. What you do here is to stretch one arm over your head.


Triangle Stance

You can restore your sanity during pregnancy with the triangle pose. This move helps with the tension and anxiety. It is ideal when finding balance and helps to work-out the legs, hips, shoulders and side body. When doing this move, adjust your bearing to your comfort.




Side Stretch

You can use this yoga move to stretch your hips, pelvis and waist in the third trimester. It makes it bearable as your baby grows bigger through creating space in your torso. Furthermore, this yoga during pregnancy makes it comfortable for you and your baby.


Cat Poses

You can do cat poses to help you ease the back pain. This yoga for pregnant women stretches the back and strengthens the spine. It reduces the strain on the spine resulting from the baby weight.



This pose is less strenuous and gives you time to rest and recuperate. It is a yoga move that requires you to be calm and take deep breathes. In addition, the later stages of pregnancy require you to keep your toes together while spacing the knees. It is also important to relax your forehead while exercising.


What Should You Avoid?

You should avoid the following yoga positions during pregnancy:

  • Lying with your back down after 16 weeks.
  • Uncomfortable breathing routines
  • Putting pressure on your stomach
  • Flipping upside down
  • Bending your back
  • Strenuous twists
  • Any other strenuous postures




Yoga exercises from the tenth to fourteenth weeks. You should especially avoid straining the abdomen and doing inversion. If you have to exercise, you can work-out the upper back and shoulders


The General Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Pulling out that yoga mat regularly and doing yoga exercises greatly improves your overall health. You feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. In addition, yoga helps you calm down and lessen muscle tension. Your muscles equally become toned and flexible while you also feel more energised.

Moreover, yoga is easy to accomplish even when you begin during pregnancy. You get to relax and meditate, and do other postures that help make the pregnancy bearable. It starts gently and slowly, and helps with the pain.



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