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Yoga is basically a relaxing procedure that helps you keep in touch with your mind and body. There are a variety of yoga types which you could implement depending with the goal you want to achieve. Well, for beginners there are a few basics you should have at your fingertips. There are about ten or so basic poses that you can try out as you begin your sessions at home or during your yoga classes.
With availability of helpful online videos to download and CDs which you can purchase to help you get going with yoga basics, poses and styles, life couldn’t get any easier. Each yoga style has its own poses and basics which are easy to understand and try them out. However, you should know that with yoga, you need to be dedicated and willing to try out all the fun poses presented unto you.


Ashtanga yoga allows you to incorporate 8 limbs with the first four i.e. yama, niyama, asana and pranayama representing external cleansing practices while the other four i.e. pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi represent internal cleansing practices. The sole reason for yoga is to have the ability to control your mind. So without a relaxed body and sense organs, yoga may practically be useless to your and what you are trying to achieve. This is because you will not have the capability to practice the yoga poses accordingly.


Breathing technique is a key feature to successful yoga alongside with the style movements. When it comes to vinyasa yoga style, it highly revolves around breathing which are divided into four. This involve linking breathing with body movement, a particular breath-synchronized movement sequence which allows one to move from one posture to another and finally setting a personal yoga goals and doing whatever it takes to achieve them as well as the type of yoga class.




On the other hand, pranayama gives you the control you need over your breathing. It helps you attain a unique high state of awareness that will contribute towards your mind and body health. Depending with how fast you are practicing yoga, so will your breath change. Smooth breathing is brought about by naturally breathing without straining while deep breathing is associated with a decrease in breathing and fast breathing is as a result of increased breathing.


Whether standing or sitting, there is a yoga pose to be put into practice. As much as yoga can pose a threat to you as an individual it does more good than harm. Yoga helps you meditate and relaxes your body rejuvenating it. To achieve success in yoga nidra, it is necessary to connect your heart felt desires and set an intention you’d like to achieve. In addition, remember to bring to it attention your inner resources that offer a safe haven for you and your body and be aware of every action taking place, your feelings thoughts and experience joy with every move you make.


Like earlier said, there are a wide range of yoga types and well, some need yoga ball assistance to be achieved during practice. The big bouncy balls enables you to strengthen your muscles all around your body, increase your stability and make sure that you are in a good posture for yoga styles. It is therefore necessary to purchase the right ball size to make sure you get the best out of. As for what you wear, make sure you get something comfortable and gives you the allowance to participate in all the poses with ease and to your full strength.




With every yoga pose, there is an intention to be achieved. Therefore, at the end of every yoga session, you should reflect on your practice and the achievements you’ve accomplished and as you transit from the ‘world of yoga’ to reality, do it at your own pace and once back, feel graceful for setting aside time to nurture yourself.


Yoga can be very dangerous if not well implemented or something goes off in between your practice. This especially applies to the breathing technique. You should therefore ensure that you are fully concentrated in the poses and that there are no distractions to hinder you from successfully ending the practice which can be nauseating at times. On the other hand, yoga gives you the peace of mind you need as it helps decrease your levels of stressing and nourishes you skin and body health by eliminating toxics from your body as you sweat a lot. In case of any pain, yoga helps in relieving the pain especially in joints.


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