Practical Mindfulness Exercises In 10 Steps

It is unfortunate that most of us live our lives in an extremely mindless and passive our quest to make money and have a good life we often forget to actually stop and live that life. Mindfulness simply refers to a state of taking time to be aware of your feelings and what is around you.

Here are a few mindfulness exercises that you can do easily in the middle of your busy day to achieve a mind body balance:


1. Mindful Breathing


Breath in slowly from your stomach, hold it in and then breathe out. Repeat this three times or until you feel your brain is clear. This exercise will allow air into your brain and let you reset and relax.


2. Observation


Always take a moment to look around you. Look at the sky, the trees or even your computer. Explore that one thing you look at and think about how amazing it is. This exercise will help you appreciate the things we take for granted and live in awe of our surrounding.


3. Take a walk


Just go outside for five minutes and look at the trees and feel the will take your mind of work and stretch your body.


4. Close your eyes


In the middle of a stressful job or day just close your eyes. Allow whatever will come and you will realize only good pictures come to mind. Imagination clears the mind.


5. Look at pictures


Always have a picture of your family, spouse or someone who makes you smile. Looking at their picture on your desk or wallet will make you smile and smiling releases relaxing hormones.


6. Take timeout from technology


After work people continue to read mails and chat on social media. Put all the gadgets away and enjoy the people around you. This will improve relationships and it’s good for your eyes.


7. Taste


Whatever it is you are eating, don’t just chew and swallow unconsciously. Take your time to savor and enjoy every bite. Taste will help in digestion and let you enjoy your earnings.


8. Feel


Instead of pushing your feelings at the back of your mind allow yourself to feel. Whether its excitement, sadness, blues just feel it but don’t act on it if it’s a negative feeling. Avoiding feelings make us feel burdened.


9. Be grateful


Instead of always being mad at your boss, be grateful you have a job, you are alive and healthy. Gratitude brings contentment and happiness.


10. Focus


This is usually done with a candle but anything else works too. Just focus on one thing for a long period of time. Your brain will repair itself in this meditation mode.



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