(ONE-MINUTE MINDFULNESS): 10 Simple Ways to Find Peace, Clarity, and Relief from stress.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction was invented by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zin in the University of Massachusetts medical center in order to compliment traditional medical therapy by using ancient knowledge with a modern twist. (Mindful Living programs, n.d.) Today, it is used all around the world to supplement health programs, and has evolved to the point where anyone can do it in one minute through the practice of “one-minute mindfulness.” Here are ten ways you can increase your mindfulness in a short amount of time.


One: Perform an Act of Kindness


Just be nice to someone. (About Margarita Tartakovsky, n.d.) Pick up their trash for them. If you can’t figure out how to be kind to another person, put yourself in that place, and turn your feelings of kindness inwards.


Two: Be Creative


No one wants to work with someone who doesn’t know how to take things with a grain of salt while considering their options. Be creative when you work so that you can achieve mindful results.


Three: Watch Nature



 Everyone knows that nature is beautiful, but not everyone has the time to experience it in full every day. Whenever you can, take some time to watch nature and make sure that you’re enjoying it to its fullest. You’ll find yourself being much more mindful overall. (Altman)


Four: Don’t Let Anger Take You Over


When you start feeling angry, it’s best that you let go of that feeling, because if you try to hold in your anger, your stress levels will increase. Make sure that you aren’t letting everyday problems take you over.


Five: Concentrate on a Single Thing


When you start to feel unmindful, it’s best to take a single thing in your mind and hold onto it, watching it, making sure to let its effect wash over you. This will reduce the churning of the sea inside your brain.


Six: Relax your Body


It’s easy to let tensions build up inside key points in your body; let them go through mindful meditation and you’ll find that you feel more energized. (The Alternative Daily, n.d.)


Seven: Relax your Mind


It’s hard to quiet your mind when you’re worrying about something. However, if you consciously try to clear it, and make it empty, you’ll become a much rounder, more whole person.


Eight: Let Go


“Letting go” is as easy as just feeling it all slip away—don’t try to hold onto your tension, and instead, let it flow through your grasp like water through your fingers.


Nine: Close your Eyes


Your eyes are distracting. If you want to become more mindful in a minute, a good strategy is to just block out everything that is distracting you, especially the visual stimulus.


Ten: Skip the Unbeneficial Parts of your Life


If you notice something that’s not right for your life—it could be something as tame as a bad habit—drop it, and you’ll become a better person overall.


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