How to Meditate to Relieve Stress in 10 Steps

In life, stress is unavoidable. This is not to mean that it is necessarily bad. In the right amount, it can spur us to get out of our comfort zone and achieve our goals. But all too often, it gets to a level where it becomes counterproductive. Meditation can help you manage stress. When you are feeling overwhelmed and on the edge, try these 10 meditation steps to help you relax.


1. Find a sacred space


A sacred space is one where you can let your body and mind relax. Such a space allows you to meditate deeply for effective stress relief. Find a quite place – an unused room in the house, a quiet corner of the garden, your office’s storage room and so on – and make it your sacred space.

2. Be comfortable


It is important for you to be comfortable when meditating. Depending on which position you find most comfortable and your current situation you can sit, lie down or walk.

3. Relaxed breathing


There are several breathing techniques you can use during meditation to relax.
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One of the best is deep or diaphragmatic breathing. Make sure you can feel your abdomen go up and down as you breathe. Breathing deeply brings more oxygen into your body, improves blood flow and helps you relax.
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4. Banish negative thoughts


Whatever is stressing you out let it go. Thinking about it only blocks your mind’s path to relaxation. Be quiet and let your mind clear.

5. Focused attention


Now that your mind is clear, let your mind focus on a single thing. Try your body. Feel your body without touching it. Feel your heart beating, your blood flowing and the power of life within you. You could also focus on your environment; the wind, sunshine or sounds.

6. Use music


If music helps you relax, use it. Just put on some relaxing music for meditation and let your mind clear of any negative thoughts.

7. Use a mantra


Another way to focus your mind is by chanting a mantra. Choose a positive phrase or a short prayer and repeat it over and over again.

8. Visualize

female asian teenager doing meditation against white background

Visualization is one of the most powerful meditation tools. It allows your mind to unshackle from the stresses of this world and fly to whichever paradise you wish. By picturing a happy place in your mind, you will feel less burdened down by life.

9. Smile


Seriously, just smile as you meditate. You will be surprised at the stress relieving power such a small action has.

10. Be present


This is called mindful meditation. It is all about paying attention to the present, focusing on what you are doing. Do not let your mind wander to worryland. You can do it during meditation or as you carry out your activities.


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