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Many people in the world suffer from insomnia. According to a recent study, one in every three people suffers from the lack of sleep. In the modern times, people sleep 20% less than what they used to sleep a hundred years ago.

There are different causes of insomnia. Stress is believed to be the number one reason. Due to the hardships people experience in their normal life, stress is very common nowadays. Individuals who are stressed do not get sleep easily, and this leads to a lot of fatigue that makes them less productive in their jobs.




Most people look for medications when they cannot get enough sleep. However, these drugs are not safe, and doctors say that they are addictive if they are used for a long time. There are some healthier and practical solutions when people lack sleep. Meditation is one of them.

Did you know that medication is a very effective solution for people suffering from insomnia? Meditation helps improve health, promotes happiness, eliminates all stress and helps individuals get to sleep all night.


How to meditate to get sleep

There are several techniques to use when meditating to sleep. Here are some of them:



The primary cause of lack of sleep is stress. When you are stressed, the stress will prevent you from getting a calm mind or letting go of any thoughts, and this will prevent you from getting adequate sleep. You can, however, get rid of this problem by practicing mindfulness meditation.

Patients can only focus their minds on their breath as it enters and leaves the nose. They shouldn’t control the breath, but just observe it. This will make them forget about their stress and concentrate on their breathing. The mind will be calm, and they will get enough sleep.


Young couple meditating in bed


Abdominal Breathing

Breathing shallowly introduces stress and a lot of tension into the body. When you breathe deeply and appropriately, the body will be at ease, and your mind will be relaxed. It is important to spare some minutes during the day and meditate on the sensation of the breath entering into the body down to the abdomen. This will promote correct breathing and it will naturally calm and relax your brain and body. If this is practiced during the day, you will not have trouble getting sleep at night.



Yoga is a good physical exercise, but it is also helpful for relaxing the mind and body. You only need a few stretches to get the body relaxed. Make sure that you focus on your breathing while doing the stretches. At the end of a busy day, individuals will not have any muscle tension, and the body will be relaxed. When the body is well relaxed, the mind is also relaxed too, and you will have a good sleep.



Inner Peace Meditation

Practice this meditation to fall asleep and enter into a deep restful sleep

A Sleep Meditation for a Restful Night


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