A Guide to Walking Meditation: (8 STEPS)

Walking meditation.

This is meant to be a decision that is made deliberately since most people walk with a lot of things in mind. Here are some steps to help in walking meditation.


1. Prepare both physically and psychologically.

Most times our minds have plenty of things to focus on. Prepare on the specific issue that you really want to think on. It is important to choose one or some few things to get them fill you mind. Physically you must get the right clothing that will match the weather that day.


2. Choose a favorable place.

There are different places and they are different in their composition and in nature. Choose a good place best for you. Security should be paramount.


Young woman meditating in park in standing pose


3. Get going.

Take your steps slow, in between 10 – 15 steps and taking a pause is advised. Breathing should be normal and this shows that you are not in a hurry. It should be put into account that this activity is to facilitate the body and the mind to work together.


4. Get some music on.

Music has a way of relaxing your mind. It is has been noted that people will meditate more and comprehensively when listening to their favorite type of music. Plug in the earphones and tune the Walkman.


5. Focus.

The main aim of walking is to get you out of then norms and focus on a particular issue. Get to focus on this issue. Do not allow the mind to be carried away by the beauty of nature or any other thing apart from the chose issue.


6. Note something down.

Once you begin meditating some insights may drop into your mind will need immediate action. Get this on paper. Get a pen and a notebook and note something down least you forget.




7. Take note of your feelings.

When on the process, are you getting tired? Is the environment conducive and pleasant? If there is something that is not right at any one point it might distract your meditation walk. Avoid such it is better to change location.


8. Just keep walking.

Do not have any destination in mind. This will help you live in the moment. Do not focus on the past neither the future the moment is the one you have at that particular time.



Walking meditation is good and healthy. It is a time for rejuvenation, strengthening and gaining more energy. This is encouraged at least three times in a week if possible. The benefits are plenty and worth.


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