Awesome Retreat Ideas And Exercises For Kids And Young Teens

Most retreat activities take place in summer, and most of the kids, and teens look forward to participating in them. For most girls, hanging out with their friends and having sleepovers is what they really cannot wait for. While the boys are all about “doing their thing”, which in most cases is never a good thing. You need your kid and teen always to follow the right path, even if you are not around. Below are some of the retreat ideas for your Kid and young teens


1. Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is practiced every day either by walking or sitting while meditating. Mostly it is involved in meditation retreat. It helps the teens to calm and explore their bodies and minds. It also, increases their memory, self-esteem, empathy, emotional intelligence, and concentration.


2. Connection with the world.

Here is the practice of talking guided and silent walks, eating natural foods and involving in primitive skills such as animal tracking. This enables the teens and kids to quiet the mind and make connections with the natural world.


3. Sports

If your teenager is a couch potato, things are about to change! Their bodies are most active at this age and so are their minds. If you as a parent do not get involved in your kid’s growth, you might miss on a lot, which is the current problem parents are having. Your teen will only end up being a social misfit, and this could greatly affect him in future. Sport is not only about being physically fit, but it also teaches them on discipline, perseverance, respecting one another and teamwork.


4. Charity events.

If there is a good way to teach your teen about thanksgiving and being appreciative, it is through charity events. Charity work is not for seniors, in fact, most of them are for needy kids and teens. The good thing with such events is that they are very involving, with various activities and competitions which a teen should have no reason not to participate in. What better time to grow their confidence and also learn to communicate with new people? At the end of the day, someone else will gain, and your teen become knowledgeable.



There are advantages of taking you kids and teen to retreat. These include:

1. Temporary relief to the parents.

2. Ability to them to learn more life skills.

3. Connecting with new friends and like-minded people.

4. Ability to recognize their minds and bodies.

5. Ability to have a lot of fun.


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