4 Easy Ways To Teach Mindfulness to Your Kids

Have you ever thought to teach them mindfulness exercises? Do you know that mindfulness is equally important for the kids? In fact, they need it more to control the negative feeling. As a first time mum, I have realized that how important it is to create a base from the childhood so that you will not face more difficulties in the later phase. The process is simple. You do not need to follow any hard and fast rule to teach mindfulness to your little one. If you are looking for some tips then consider the followings.




1. Do not try to achieve everything in a day

Try to make it as a continual process instead of trying to give a big lesson in the first stance. Start from the small teaching. You can start it while playing with him. And the best way of teaching to give the examples and you should try to introduce the things with an interesting fact. You will see the improvements in the first day only. Remember that kids are quick learners and if they find something inspiring they will try to learn it on their own. And your effort will be minimal.




2. Be an Example

Parents are the inspiration for the kids. You must have realized that you kid follows you diligently in every step and tries to be like you. If you will practice mindfulness on your own then your kid will learn it automatically. When I stop my kid to practice yoga with me as she is only thirty-two months old, the immediate reaction comes why I should not do. Both you and dad are doing this. Hence, if you want to teach your baby mindfulness, you and other family members should practice it first.


Row of grandmother, mother and child meditating together


3. Do not expect much

You should not expect that your kid will follow everything that you will teach him. In some cases, he might not listen to you if he does not like your approach. Then stop the teaching there only without forcing him. Try some other time, he might show interests.




4. Create the Environment

If you will practice it regularly on a particular time in a healthy and friendly environment then your kid will come to you and will tell mum, come we will practice yoga. I am telling it from my own experience. My kid brings the yoga mat for me in every evening and tells me to practice in that time as I follow this routine every day.


Tips for Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

8 Ways to Teach Mindfulness to Kids


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