The 4 Best Mindfulness Exercises

All of us crave for emotional security, greater self-esteem and a sense of inner peace at some point of time in our lives. All of us wish to enjoy an unalloyed and “real” sense of happiness. This is what mindfulness exercises is all about. Mindfulness teaches us to constantly explore amidst new experiences. It teaches us to find happiness from simple things. So if you’re someone who is looking out to explore mindfulness, here are a couple of mindfulness meditation exercises that’ll surely help you.




1. One minute breathing sessions

This is one of the simplest mindfulness exercises that can be carried out anywhere, anytime. Start this exercise by simply breathing in and out. Do this slowly. Count six while holding your breath right after inhaling. Slowly breathe out, allowing your breath to flow lightly along the atmosphere. This is one of the best mindfulness exercises for everyone who’s just getting started with it. Try this, for more focus and greater concentration levels.


2. Observing your surroundings

Yes! Mindfully observing our surroundings can also be one of the best mindfulness exercises. Begin the exercise by picking any natural element and observing it constantly for 2-3 minutes. This can be anything; a flower, a plant, an insect, an animal or even the moon. Don’t let thoughts ruin your concentration. Simply notice the element. Notice it well. Look at that element as if this is the first time, you’ve seen it. Visual exploration is indeed very essential to attain happiness and inner peace. Try to explore and delve into the intricacies of every single element of nature. Let the presence and the possibilities of these elements consume you. Let your spirit loose. Let it connect with these natural elements. This exercise will work wonders in making you more patient and driving a sense of inner peace within you.




3. Scanning your body

This is another one of those exercises that is both simple and quick. For this exercise, begin by scanning your body from head to toe. Try to scan the sensations of tension, anxiety and discomfort. Once you identify these sensations, try to soften them. Also try to identify those sensations that ease your body and gives you solace. Following this exercise regularly, will give you your “much craved” inner peace and solace.




4. Mindful sessions of listening

This is one of the most significant and effective mindfulness exercises. With this exercise, you can easily leave your past and focus on a present, neutral state.

For a, mindful session of listening, begin by choosing any random music that you’ve never heard earlier. Play this music via headphones or a pair of good speakers. Now close your eyes and allow yourself to be lost in the journey of the subtlety of music. Do not think about the genre or artist of the piece. The idea is to delve amidst the beauty of music. The idea is to be “fully one” with the piece of music you’re listening.


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