10 Tips to Practice Yoga at Home

So, you like going to yoga classes from time to time, and while it interferes with your schedule, you see it as a great opportunity to learn a few things and catch up with friends over there. At times it interferes with your plans but you still find it worth the while, right?

You might realize while yoga classes on the outside are important, nothing beats being able to practice yoga from the warmth and comfort of your home .This approach keeps you in familiar surroundings and allows for a little wriggle room when it comes to what you can do. It also saves you time and comes with a touch of convenience.

If you are interested but don’t know where to start ,here is a handy guide:

1. Get in touch with your teacher


Yes, you can do it alone if you wanted, but that is going to involve doing it the hard way. At the very beginning, touch base with your favorite teacher and have them develop a schedule for you. Inform them about the space you want to work within and give them a timeline. Your teacher does not even come to your home-they can simply mail you a program with all the poses you need.


2. Have a plan in mind


For the purposes of consistency, do not just fly by the seat of your pants. Plan what you need to do, for how long you will do it and map out what it involves. Are you going to flow with the current or will you follow video clips or audios?


3. Grab some tools online


You cannot carry out yoga by pulling ideas and positions from thin air. You will need to go online and find audios, videos and text that is going to guide you. Craft a simple schedule from what you get and avoid getting carried away.


4. Find great props


You want to enjoy yoga, right? Then you will need to be a little creative with the poses you choose .You don’t want to try out positions that contort your face with pain day in day out, so find some props. These accessories can range from a warm blanket to a set of comfy pillows or solid blocks.


5. Be gentle with yourself


Find the right asana (place and posture) for your body and get comfy. You will need to be gentle with yourself and avoid pushing too hard. Beginners have to start out slowly ,learning the ropes and feeling the response from their bodies. If you are a pro, run away with whichever concept tickles your fancy as long as you can manage it.


6. Hit the right mood


If you are grumpy and tired, yoga won’t do it for you .Find some deep, soothing music and create a play list you can relate with as you go through the places. There are online tools with specialized yoga music for you to start from.


7. Love yourself


Some yoga poses are horribly complicated and need the assistance of a teacher. Avoid tipping over the edge of the precipice. If some positions are painful, do not force them. Enjoying yoga hinges on being able to feel the needs and limits of your core.


8. Stay healthy


Keep a bottle of water in your practice room. Some exercises are a little exacting and end up leaving you dehydrated. Avoid just guzzling water in the lead up to your session-take it at a structured pace to keep your reservoirs maintained.


9. Stay consistent


There is too much to fit into your day, so you figure you can give yoga a rest and head out to the movies with friends from time to time. There are always distractions and temptations, but the best approach here is to stick to your routine.


10. Be aware of your environment

fitness, sport, people and healthy lifestyle concept - woman making yoga bikram triangle pose on mat

By design, your home is not meant for complicated asana sequences and alignments. Understand the space and flexibility limitations around you and work around them. Challenge yourself to keep improving from phase to phase and always use the familiarity of your environment to reach new heights. Have a teacher come in from time to time to make things interesting.

Happiness, just like good medicine, comes in small doses and if you get your yoga right, then you set yourself on the way towards a mental Nirvana.



10 Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home

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10 Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home

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