10 Amazing Benefits of Practising Yoga Every Morning

The practise of yoga was in the past not popular and was often marginalised in the society. Time progression has however seen the scepticism on the activity replaced by particular interest and awe at the benefits that yoga has on those who practise it. The once avoided activity has gradually found a place in the society with people overlooking the religious aspect and enjoying its benefits.




There are varying preferences on how and when to practise yoga. There are those who prefer to kick-start the day with it whereas some will prefer to practise it at some other specific time of the day when they are free. With its rejuvenation capabilities however, the larger population is that which opts to practise yoga in the morning.

Below is a list of ten benefits that they get to derive from beginning a day by practising yoga:


1. Prevention and relief of stress

Begin a day on a bad note due to a previous days’ baggage is quite an unnatural thing. As opposed to having another cloudy day sue to things that slipped off somebody’s hands in the previous day, it is quite advisable to come up with a way in which to avoid stress-related emotions spilling over to the start of a new. Yoga comes as a suitable way to keep the stress at bay. A study done to prove this fact revealed that those practising yoga had a lower likelihood to experience stress as compared to those who didn’t.


2. The reduction of cortisol levels

High levels of cortisol have been known to have negative effects on the body’s psychological well-being as well as the immune system’s functionality. Many may not be aware of the term cortisol but could have been victims of its increased levels in their bodies. Cortisol is responsible for osteoporosis, depression and high blood pressure. Consistently practising yoga has been to lower the levels of cortisol in our bodies while increasing the levels of serotonin which has a calming effect. What better way than to begin the day keeping the diseases off?


3. There is a general improvement in the quality of relationships

Practising yoga has been proven to affect the mind and spirit of a person. Since it is positively impacting on the way one reacts or responds to what is happening around them, there is a general improvement in the manner in which one interacts with other people. From one’s own family members to colleagues, there is a general improvement in the nature of interaction. Beginning the day by being on the right books with those we live with is an effective way to boost one’s mood and confidence.




4. Training one to stay in the moment.

Concentration is one of the benefits one reaps from practising yoga. From the activity itself, it is almost an impossibility to pull a yoga pose, more so one that involves balancing, if one has stuff going through their minds. Having a balancing pose requires that one be present in the moment, thus enhances concentration. Beginning a day with a sharp and focused mind that can concentrate on a task without mentally wandering from one corner of the world to the other is a productivity benefit one can get from practising yoga in the morning.


5. There is increased muscular strength

Yoga can lead to increased strength in addition to increasing ones flexibility, a fact that goes unnoticed by many. Striking a specific yoga pose will not only make you flexible and train you to attain balance, but will also help you to gain strength. Who loves not an extra dose of strength every morning as they head out to tackle their challenges?


6. The removal of toxins

Cleanliness is not only an external affair. Many people spend time in the showers and bathtubs every morning, trying to make a thorough clean up on their bodies externally. Why not invest in a clean internal body too? Yoga has been found to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, an activity that helps in the elimination of toxins. It is however advisable to consume a lot of fluids before and after practising yoga in order to enhance the elimination of toxins.


7. It keeps one’s hamstrings, hips and other body parts flexible

A flexible build has been proven to be one way in which to reduce back pains and also in the enhancement of proper thigh and shin bone alignment. This is surely good news to those who spend long hours in their office seats. Practising yoga in the morning will secure you from those irritating back pains that decrease your productivity.




8. The improvement in cardiovascular health

A study done on patients with coronary heart diseases reveals that practising yoga alongside meditation is positively impacting by the reduction of blood pressure. Without having to dig deep into the scientific aspect of this benefit, we could just stop at beginning a day knowing that our hearts are in the best functional state.


9. The reduction on the rates of binge eating

This is more of a cumulative benefit of practising yoga. By practising yoga every morning, one is bound to have lower cortisol levels. Binge eating, also known as stress eating is as a result of high levels of cortisol levels in the body. Binge eating is known to cause fatigue and drowsiness in the afternoon hours of the day, hence altogether not for the well-being of man. Practising yoga in the morning will keep you from drowsy afternoons in the long run.


10. Keeps your muscles firm without having to hit the gym

The gym is definitely the place to be if you want to have your muscles becoming strong and firm. This however could come at the expense of an injury while lifting the weights. Yoga enables you to achieve the strength and firmness of your muscles with the lower risk of an injury. For those who hit the gym every morning, you could avoid incurring extra gym fees by starting on yoga on a daily basis.



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